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In a world ruled by wicked men, the best place for good people is in prison. M. K. Gandhi
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Almost 50% of our United States federal income taxes pay for past, present or future wars, as well as for militarization of law enforcement inside the U.S.  Our federal tax dollars support the largest conventional and nuclear war machine on the planet.  Our tax dollars subsidize arms sales to armies in conflict all over the world. Our tax dollars provide billions of dollars in corporate welfare to military contractors.  Our tax dollars pay for the militarization of state and local law enforcement in this country.  Our tax dollars are still paying for World War II, the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars and the interest on those debts.  Right now they are paying for the “War on Terrorism” and an unprovoked attack on Iraq.
          How much money did you send to the Pentagon this week to pay for war? $20? $30? $50?  Probably more than you send to your favorite peace or justice group or charity each week.  What if just one of those dollars pays for the bullet that kills an innocent child in some foreign land?
          These kinds of considerations have convinced thousands of peace activists and people of conscience over the years to refuse to pay for war preparations and for war, to become “war tax resisters.”  Whatever their religious, moral or ideological convictions, they share the commitment to refusing to pay for the killing of innocents.

          Perhaps it is time for you to consider beginning “token” war tax resistance.  You can withhold a small amount of money--just $10 or $50 a year.  Or you can withhold a larger amount but pay in full, with interest and penalties, at any time in the collection process.
          Whatever your course of token tax resistance, you will have the satisfaction of making a statement when you write the IRS, congressional representatives, letters to the editor and even the President to tell them why you held back your tax money.  And you will have fulfilled the dictates of your conscience.  If millions of peace lovers practiced token tax resistance, it would be an effective way to tell Congress and the President just what we think of the war machine

          There are a range of options for those who steadfastly refuse to pay war taxes: telephone tax resistance, living below a taxable income, refusal to pay the military portion of federal income taxes, refusal to pay any federal income taxes, not filing income tax forms at all.  Many war tax resisters work in their own business, move from job to job, or do temporary work in order to avoid IRS garnishment of wages.  Despite the inconveniences, war tax resisters will tell you it lifts a mighty moral burden when you stop paying for war.

          Yes, there are real risks for war tax resisters.  However, the fear is often much greater than the risks.  The IRS has generally shown little interest in prosecuting war tax resisters.  Prosecutions, when they do occur, tend to generate sympathy and support for the resisters.
          Most war tax resisters do live with some job uncertainty, and at a lower salary than they might otherwise earn, in order to avoid paying taxes or attracting scrutiny from the IRS. While it happens much less often than people fear, those who own homes and cars or have savings accounts or investments do need to be aware that such assets may be seized
          War tax resistance is civil disobedience.  People do it because they feel so strongly that they are willing to risk their assets and even their freedom.  It is wise to understand the possible consequences of this form of direct action for peace before beginning it. Talking to an experienced war tax resistance counselor is recommended.
          War tax resisters often join together for sharing and mutual support in dealing with any contacts with the IRS, as well as to educate activists and the public about war tax resistance. 

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Hiroshima Bomb. Nagasaki Hospital where 1000 died after atomic bomb dropped.
The effect of an atomic bomb blast on an average home
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Nuclear radiation fall out patterns after a nuclear war
Gulf War 1991  -- Bombing of Serbia 1999

The Bombing, Invasion and Occupation of Iraq - 2003-2008
Space for photos yet to come...as long as we keep paying for war.